Friday, June 27, 2008


Dream a happy life.
Never give up rushing to one's own happiness.
Take a look at someone's happiness and empathize to it.
Be jealous of others' smile.
assume that you accumulate your happiness now.
expect to get your happiness as a reimbursement of your present hardship.

That's how a human live a life for his/her happiness.

But.. Happiness is not a condition or something.
It's not a visitor at a certain time come and knock onto the door of your mind.

It's about your will.

Having a will to say 'i am happy now' makes your happiness.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'd rather be none than an alternative.

I'd rather be none than an alternative.
I'd rather be none than an alternative.
I'd rather be none than an alternative.
I'd rather be none than an alternative.

Being a second choice for others was never me.
Being an optional is never in the consideration.
Being a possibility will never be any part of me.

As always i be,
There are two of me.

Absolute choice or none of others' business.

that's me for others.

'U can hate me, but you can love me. the choice is upto you.
But I am here and never gonna change.'

-From song 'Hatred or love' by JooSuc.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back to my place.

Thesedays, I feel like going back to my place.

Where I was alone,
Where I did by myself,
Where i was passive,
Where I was waiting for someone who fit me,

but where I could keep the stupid decency,
but where I felt the warmness of fellowship,
but where I had companions who share enjoyable grief together.

Being stuck in reminiscing about 'my people',

I just wanna wait for the people who wanna find someone they can call 'my people'.

For me in the 'my people',
For me calling others 'my people'.

I'm so sick of this ambiguity paradise.

I feel like going back to me waiting for the people being likely to be called 'my people'.

Monday, June 23, 2008

17Jun08 0114 in Library.

What I had is not what I had.
What I have had is what i had and what I have.

In my head what I had is clearly what I had..

But when I am in front of others, what I had becomes not what i had.

The only place where what I had remains, is the reminiscence of the people who called themselves 'us'.

Bitterly, sorely but pricelessly and preciously...
What I had goes far and further.