Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gimme dat by Ambassador

This life is all about the decision between God and unGod.
Amid this confrontation, the right of the choice is given to us.

The way of facing worldly situations is how u react to God who wants u, not your high quality.
And on the other side, what u ask God for must be the closer relationship with him(the faith), not God's gifts for you.

A u really seeking for merely God?
A u ready to drive boldly thru this world without any worldly present given from God?

Gimme dat Lyrics by Ambassador from Cross Movement

Gimme dat fire (fire)
Gimme dat flame (flame, flame)
Gimme dat (gimme dat)
Gimme dat (gimme dat)
Gimme dat (gimme dat)
Absolutely you can gimme dat
If it's mine (gimme dat)
It's good for me (gimme dat)
I want it all

Gimme dat bible
Gimme dat mic
I'll drop Jesus anyway so he can make a disciple
Can't surpass Christ there's no takin' his title
A passion for Christ I'll have you prayin' for revival
Gimma my city, yeah
Gimme dat, less fish
Gospel of peace, yeah
You can give me dat fresh kicks
Gimme dat
Vest with your blessin' Lord I'm desperate
You gave me your life
So I look forward to my exit
I used to be a punk-kid
Use to wanna run with
Dudes dat wanna hunt that
Turned our ones into hundreds
Used to run the blunt to be blunt
I wanted trees just to alter my mind
Now I find out more in Jesus

Used to run and roll mad deep with a street clique
Corner holdin' heat on the low like a secret
God's spirit penetrated my soul on a sneak tip
Took control now I'm in his floor like a leaflet

Gimme dat fire
Gimme dat flame
Gimme dat fresh wind
Gimme dat rain
Gimme dat freedom
You can have the chains
Gimme dat God you can gimme all things

Gimme dat fire, flame
Gimme dat fresh wind
Gimme dat rain
Gimme dat freedom
You can have the chains
Gimme dat God you can gimme all things

I know you got riches
I know you got ice
Your life is a big party
You're partyin' all night
You don't mind not knowin' Christ
In your mind dat's alright
You might not get this now
But you're kind of a Saul type

You keep with the trends
Cool's your middle name
On your pants you got a chain
That droops like Lil' Wayne
You're tattooed in a Benz
Maybe you're in a Range
Ladies, you drivin' crazy
Nothin crazier than your frame
(This is a shame)
It's the age and I'm game
To be an agent of change
In an age that's like a page in a flame
Just smoke, just mirrors, just vapor is plain
You see, a Holy God is not one of you favorite things
I was just like you,
But God moved on a fellow
Gave me good news
Dat I could use on the ghetto
Maybe it's you who wants to
U turn to settle
You're dead if you do
I'll tell you it's been settled

So you got platinum?
We got our Lord
If we want, we could ask him
But he's our reward
Gotta be perfect
It can't be three out of four
If you're sick of fallin' short
Then he's got a cure

Gimme dat cure, dat door, dat hero
Gimme dat grace dat never chased the dinero
How much glory should you give your boy? Zero
That would cause beef with the Lamb like a Gyro

Gimme dat day reaches you over shinin'
Truth over rhymin'
Virtue over diamonds
Gimme some change
Sometimes I do need the dough
Gimme some pain
Somethin' -- I do need to grow

Gimme what I won't ask for
Don't gimme what I seek
When i creep, I'm a sheep
Gimme your pasture
Gimme life
Just like you intended
It's like to see you raise like the day you ascended

Yeah, this is just to let cats know
Don't focus on what you can't have
Get all you can have
We call dat freedom
Dat's the joy of God
And his poeple
In his world
On his terms


Do u see what i'm getting at?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Sociological Experimentation in O' Town.

* Hypothesis : Money may implicates the satisfaction of life.

* Experimentation steps : 1. disguise as an social outcast.
2. earn money.
3. investigate the change of mind states over the income.
4. buy and intake a yoghurt.(HIGH PLAUSIBILITY)

*. Location : Oakleigh

*. Process : Simply lay out the experimenter and wait.

*. Duration : 5 mins.

*. Result

Financial balance : - 8 Ausi Dollars. (Cool Pad purchased for pain relief)

Outcome phenomenon : knee pain, back pain, self social disgrace,
psychological shame,scornful laugh by co-experimenters,
and physical fatigue.

Conclusion : 'O' Town' is stonecold!

Friend. Friendship.

Yo, mate!

hey Bro!

Can u spare me a cigarette, ma friend?

In english(or its culture), it is so easy and light title to be a 'friend'.

Friend. 친구. 親舊. Korean word for Friend is based on Chinese word which means someone who has been known closely for a long time.

For me, friend is somebody whom i can share everything of mine, materials and emotion. But as time goes by, this world(I'd rather say pursuit of over-pleasant and self-centered convenience in life) encourages instant relationship.

Oldies but Goodies.

This dumbing down tendency, 'wonderful ego heaven' portrays unrealistic fantasies and make invisible worthy relationship worthless.And it drives someone like me to the loneliness recklessly.

Soaked in solitude, it can never be a genuine smile.