Sunday, November 30, 2008

A scribble during a M&C lecture

Speculation does not belongs to everyone. As the instructive education has been given to the most of people, grabbing unique idea and perspective with dumpng the habit of acceptance is never to be easily available. Because they are already instilled.
Perhaps I am one of 'they'. Brand new and view from outside, objective critical thinking is needed. No prejudice from the self-inserted idea loses its attractiveness, although I am more attracted to that 'no one caring' attitude, the atypical point of view.

15AUG08 in M&C lecture.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

So, is that dumb?

You never know what's in someone's head, even though he/she really looks dumb.

It is like the smile of Clown.
His sadness is never to be revealed but only remains in he heart alone.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I don't have people around me right now.
But I do have so many people who care of me.

At here my hideout in Oakleigh,
at about to finish this year's studying chance,
I'm dreaming back.

My brother left for korea this morning.
My friend confesses me the suffering of loneliness.
most of the people i know in this island are about to leave back to their country sooner and later.
Even my house mates are leaving here soon.

This is not a kinda grumbling or a seasonal feeling.
And the reason why i'm so familiar with this solitude is so obvious in my heart.

For fulfiling the request of the flowering happy writing on the blog,
I'm looking back and remembering the people that loved me.

The prayers and concerns. The Letters and e-mails. The calls and regards.

These are never leaving me.
Even though I'm psycally all alone now having distance with you, it doesn't matter.
For relationship, distance is out of the fomular.

(One X One)Alpha = Relationship.

Alpha is the correlation rate of caring of each other.

Hm.. somehow it's childish, but it works.
Hahahaha.. just for fun.

-. Distance never apart you and your non-worldly lover.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What a life~!(assignment required to read.)

Hm.... To testify that my thought is not always negative.

I wanna write this with this immediate rudeness.
Empty can of thought may drive me quite weird.
But thru it, I might be able to jot down things that I can simply come up with.

(Pic. 1. Asian begger on the wall in Oakleigh, Victoria.)

-. Happy, wonderful and shiny day like today is always choking me with an idleness of comfort like HOI-stic pressure.

-. Certain type of dream allows me sobriery in it.

-. Imaginable future i cannot help but agreeing its big distance from me uses its fingers onto my face and design a suitable smile.

-. A strand of my desire is unbreakable by the hand of the Omnipotence and it tastes too free to be under the low ceiling.

-. grumble which is supposed to be an influence never touches the cool with no-dilemma.

(pic 2. riding horse, drifting to left.)

-. I'm now well experienced university library user!! So intellegent!

-. Somehow the steps i got to take looks so trivial!

-. the mindful 'keep in touch's were penetrated my heart and I won't let it through beyond the pond of forgetfulness.

-. hm.... happy 5 hours-lasted nap filled me with further developed desire of sleeping~!

-. My belly strive for the oneness and each muscle contribute to its one globalization to be looked as a wealthy.

Anyway, find just one of your enjoyments of the day from now on~!!!
(it's homework for those who read it and let's share yours by pressing the comments button below~!)

Monday, November 17, 2008

The reality of power!

Money is a worthless necessity.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The things I don't deserve.

15 Nov 08 today.

It's the most D-day during a year.

Today(the day above) is the day I could have so much things that I don't deserve.

I thank God for making me having this day which i don't deserve.
I thank all the friends for that giving me concern which I don't deserve.

all the msgs, prayers, phone calls, gifts, surprise party, txt msgs, letters(!!), and unknown glimps of thinking me relating this day. big or small, pricy or not, mindful or tirivial or blessing or cursing. Whatever this day I had was not worth me.

Cuz I know
how I haven't taken care of the people so much,
how I haven't loved the others as I was supposed to be,
how I have turned down the others' hands reaching me,
and I have felt the space in me was to bulk to be hidden,

I just don't deserve this day.

All the blessings and smiles I could have this day simply reminds me of praying more for the others.

whether it's deemed as religous or not, the biggest thing i can do for the people God sent to me as a lovethrough, is prayer.

I won't give up this day.
Cuz this day is the day i could have a material to happily remember in the future.

this hollow is still but i couldn't feel it for the day.

Thx God for showing me these loves through these beloved people.
and thx for the beloved.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Drip and Drop.

during the daily life, this cog never speaks of something impertient that everyone might do.
As a trivial role in this play called world, his part was always putting empathy to others.
To the people who were down, he cordially brought himself down to the bottom and tried to feel and share the agony in them.

He created laugh when there was laugh, poured out the sorrow where there was sadness and cheered up whom the depression conquered. He's been always regarded as a weak and dumb. But he believed that he could make a lot of his own. He trusted that he could fill the broken jar with water... till the event happened.

In this messy and busy world, one day he found a drip of something twinking. It had splendid brightness and looked so confident. He drew his hands together and took a drop of it. He was so happy that he could find this precious sight. It seemed no one ever touched it or quite a long ago some might touch it. He was so glorious. He put his hand onto his chest. It was infiltrated. He was about to move on. But he luckily saw one more drop is about to come.
He was so nervous. He couldn't help but wanting to share this exciting with someone. So he turned his head around.

There's none breathing with him.

There's none breathing with him, even though every one there was breathing.
The silence of none breathing overflowed into his ears loud and he had to let the shivering in him out through his eyes.

He did want it. but his eyes couldn't hold and finally dropped it. It, the delightful and happy 'it', fell down to the ground and smashed to pieces. It also broke up his heart.

He couldn't tolerate it. He, once again, graped a drip of it and moistured his chest. he could smile again. his heart was in need of someone to share it again. And he found there was none of breathing with him.

His 'it' left his eyes again. And he's receiving a drip of it again.

He will never leave where he's now. His reluctance craves for someone not busy in this all-engaged world. But he has one thing that makes him cannot stand with.

'There's none of breathing with him.'

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

in the mid of the world becoming transparent.

27Oct08 1406 @M&C Lec.

Transparent world.

There's no place to blame on the world's transparency. Beauty, and zest of a human is no longer able to be hidden as they used to be. Deepness is gone as no inwardness exists.
What you see is what it is. Expression is the only tool.
Holding is a dumb thing.
'Inside' becomes inside only then when it becomes outside.

Externalism has settled in.
It's time for invisible preciousness to be visible or it is not a valuable anymore.
Internal attractiveness is nothing.
The flavor of deliberation becomes tastless.

this era urges people to be transparent.
To get an ecstacy instantly.
To help judge things quicker.
To make everythings faster.
To eliminate the fruitful blossoming of charming perseverance that keeps inward beauty being grown up.

Dance, Singing, looking, visible joyness and whatsoever...

they already replace 'kindness, pureness, fidelity, patience', the inner virtues.
these genuine oldies are spit out.
those olies we are enjoying is only the exterior of them without kernels.

How poor the people who still follow the inward are.