Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Feel 'firm'!

To live hard is always a virtue of the life in this time of world.

In Korea, there's a words saying 'study hard when you need to study and play hard when you have free time'.

it's just 'live every moment as hard as you can'.

There's no defect in this words, at least from the sound of it.

Action and reaction, pros and cons.

doing hard may take away the time to ponder the reason for it, doing hard.

What for?

Money, Friends, Marriage, being a good son/daughter, honour, own goal, benefit for others and so on.

All the Motivation and purpose set seems lack of the thought about reason.

Is your reason worthy to put your whole life?

Just curious. to you and to me too.

Hence, there must be more time to lay down, being lazy, sit back to find out what drives your life.

never doing hard is not what i am saying.
But what i am saying is to think harder for doing hard.

(With world famous Drummer, Jojo Mayer)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hanman's Diary.

farewell parade.
This is farewell season. those I start australian life with are leaving one by one.
For any reason, the fact of the seperation btwn us means alot to me.(Whoever it'd be.)

deep colour of solitude has been sketched under my skull. I always handle this cancering scareness via reflecting myself to those who're with me.

And now, one by one is leaving me and it reminds me of the times that I had to do a sole and heart-tearing surgery.

Ppl won't stop or prevent the process in me.
But they retarded it. And now they are leaving.

I'm afraid of another sugery that I have to make.

I'm scared of.

The scene with full of grey blood coming from my feeble heart.