Monday, January 10, 2011

technology makes things quick. - 1 (IT)

Technology makes things quick. All kinds of daily activities become so convenient and quick.
It enabled the range of massive information reachable so that we may not be able to live without sucking them up.

IT(info tech) such as internet, phone, etc. dragged people to nearby place of me and it also buckled me up at a finger-away distance. People cannot move or lay back for the upcoming excitement of the eagerly waited reunion. they are always available. there are too many availabilities on one's hand to keep the relationship alive. It is ridiculous. But it is true. It kills the yearning for the ones who shared the precious part of the life.

It is hardly a case that you eagerly wait for the time you meet your dear friend once again counting the number of days left. That you imagine what the meeting would be like and make smile over your fabulous fiction in your head is dead. Instead, you call and you talk. you set the time and the day and txt each other till the time. Even at the time on the day, you call and inform that you are on the way and sorry for a bit late. This time is a time of the like.

What a dull world it is. How tasteless you are. How bad luck to you who are sick of it but cannot get away out of it like me!