Tuesday, May 11, 2010

some says Sobriety can do nothing?

There are so many things that are justified, merely due to its pleasure.
morality has been plucked out of the real 'fun' and the socialising process never wait for those who are deliberate.

Beauty of refined culture is hardly found and everyone runs to pub and drink for 'fun'.

Once One used to it too. One cannot deny it involves fun.

The only difference 'one' found is that it is eventually a one of this instant ecstasy-addicted fantasies in the world.

It is not about drink.
It is about perspective you have.
how far does your sight stretch?
How far?

SOBERLY, Havin 'not-fun' last Sunday in the inner city of Melbourne for 'FUN'...

I should've tried harder on the bet.. Hm..