Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Han man's Diary.

I'm movin out.

Leaving this old beloved place, I just finished cleaning new house.
This house contract is verbal and under the personal contract without an agency.
Owing to that, I had to arrange up all by myself as a tenant.
The New place, which locates in Carnegie, is in Carnegie.

(What am I sayin?)
Anyway it means, I ain't need to worry abt train schedule after work any more.
But what I concern at the moment is that how I am gonna manage the ppl who moves in.
I ain't dare to worry the stuff. There's the one who got my back.

Hm. I've taken most of the furniture and stuffs out of the house and mop 'em up.
Thankfully, I could have a few fellas that helped me cordially so that I could ge things over within today. It's another help from the one who got my back.

What a day~!

Whole week is rainy but not today. It's quite amazing that the day I need clean weather most is bright breeze day. Thursday is the moving day and forecast says it'll be rainy. However, I ain't worry cuz there's the one who get my back.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Take all as it comes

In a month, I'm moving out to a new land called 'Carnegie'.

Unexpected oportunity has been given without any effort.
It's all about the blessing on my attitude that 'take all as it comes'.

My monetary status just hit the utmost last week and it starts dwindling by the unanticipated needs that I could avoid if I've wanted.

For those expenses, I'm also 'take all as it comes'.

Take all as it comes. yeah. all the things. cuz all of it is under control of the one I'm meant to be in.

I've been asked to write a script for a play in Church.

'Take it as it comes'.

I'm about to finish it and already be thankful for all the words I could come up with.

I can't wait to see.

what precious memory the participant would make,
how exciting the atmosphere in the hall will be,
and, definitely last but not least,

that massage of it will be delivered to those who wanted to hear from the one that asked me to write it.

God. U are the only motivation that generates my passion.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sittin on a random street.

Wind blows like a lullaby
Whisper babbles peace goes by
Twilight beauty sets down, no more good bye
and says no one needs any alibi.

Friday, September 4, 2009

dense loneliness.

What a reunion with Mr.Loneliness.

My life drives me of getting new and different.
so new and different that I may stray and feel so lonely.
It is all about this life that i keep my orientation without any influence of main stream.(or against main stream).

Its nature is apart from any form of compromise with sweety, worldly and sexy vague attraction.
And its vainness has been vaporized at meeting of the outer boundary of my firmness.
However ironically the steam from the crash paints a certain wall which depart me from the flow.

dark solitude like chocolate ball is gulped and generates a fierce partition called clear isolation.