Monday, April 27, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wannabe Parade 5.

Wannabe desire never cares about location, time and environment!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wannabe Parade 4.

A Hunter with female jaguar.(feat. Jessica)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

After reading some of the past by chance.

There are so many kinds of presents.
There are so many kinds of letters.
There are so many kinds of way to give the feeling to one another.

Amongst all forms of a heartful gifts,
I value the heartful letters most.

Writing a letter is not a just simple thing.

By picking up a color of pen to write, one thinks the feeling he/she has.
By choosing a letter paper, one thinks about the kind of impression from 'the one'.
By starting a letter, one dreams how the counterpart would react with it.
As writing goes on, one carefully pours out what the emotion to be given.

Even after writing is done it's not even half way finished.

'To give or not. To give or not.'

This throb trembles one's decision to give or not.

At last, all after one makes up the decision, the precious sentiment in the envelope is handed over to 'THE ONE'.

One will wait for the reaction.
And The other will read it and read it again.

A letter includes all these sensitive expressions and it becomes a memory.

Also it is also another flavor to see
if the expection about reaction was right or not.
if the emotion was given well and correctly.
if the other understands how one has had in his/her heart.

Unfortunately as this IT world has been developed,
it is never easy to give and take a paper mail to one another and it gets no one ever cares about letter.

However, fortunately that's why it becomes rignt time to value a heartful letter more.


Han, Jong Won

17A Portman street,

Post Code : 3166

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wannabe parade 3.

We Were Soldiers!!

wannabe parade 2

Don't worry, babies. everything is under my control! (feat.Fiona, Jaesuk and Yeon)

Wannabe Parade 1.

We were lookin at at UFO!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

D. D. D.

Draft Draws Dream.

Surrounding voice echoes it all the time in your space called 'world'.
It is so convincing that it feels like real.
Tremendous plan leads a fantastic result.

But, is it?

It is said because the possibility gets more when wonderful steps to follow are set up.

But it never works in one's blessed life.
What a man do is always what just a man do.
It never shows or signs anything abt further.
Then frustration is supposed to enbody him tight and shake him wide.
Loosened body trembles over the catharsis of the desire.
This traumatic tragedy soaks the shallow tiny string of hope.
Then by somehow or anyhow, this wonderful singleness fades away from him.
Finally all of it becomes experience that strengthen him in a way.

Practically this strength empowers the weakness.
Immunity against same sort of solitude that is caused by a certain type of thing, is thickened while cracked.

In a sentence, Cracked wall is hardened.


All this is a single small part of his time.
And this bit of life differs the taste of his breath every time.

Doubt Dang Data.
Don't Damn Deficiency.

he now knows the ingredients of his life.

Daddy Decides Destination.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

a part of my novel.

So many thoughts come and go in this another-special night. As the sparkling eyes shine more in the night, it is not weird to go into the dark to glitter myself.

But this time it's not. I'm just idle and have fun. that's all.

This is a part of my novel that is being written at the moment.
I just wanted to translate to see my rusty english.


갑작스레 길거리에 주저앉고는 빨래 속에서 펜과 수첩을 꺼냈다. 행여나 젖을까 옷들 속에 넣어두었던 수첩은 조금 눅눅하긴 했지만 젖어서 쓸 수 없을 정도는 아니었다. 또 언제나 그렇듯 물에 젖어 흐려지는 잉크 펜이 아닌 그래도 굳건히 흔적을 남기고 지나가는 볼펜이야말로 제이의 벗이었다. 급하게 주저앉은 제이는 수첩을 펴들고 펜을 만지작거리다가 고개를 푹 숙이고 손을 움직이기 시작했다.

Suddenly, he sat on the street and took out the pen and the note from a heap of laundry in his bag. The noteook he had put in the middle of clothes to prevent from getting wet, was luckily not wet much. It was dry enough to write on. And the pen. It is a cheap ball pen which is firmly writable most of the time unlike the other expensive ink pens that is spread when it gets wet and cannot be used on wet paper. He loved ball pen and it is not only because of the price. Dropping down abruptly on the road, J opened his notebook fumbling his pen and started moving his hand with drooping his head to the book.