Tuesday, May 26, 2009


'Loneliness' embrace all kind of feeling that one alone has.

It is not always about opposite sex.
It is about friend, family, teacher, stranger, son and daughter and everybody.
It is about the wind blows at the nose, the home u heading back to after work, a thing u wanna have or keep with your best care or the place you've got your memories in.

It's about life. The way of trip we call 'life'.

Some would find this loneliness at the nearest and the lowest meaning.
They would say like they know all about loneliness in lifetime.
They would look for somebody who is able to tear off the loneliness from their body.

While, some others with cursed wisdom will be bored and sick of the approaches.
And they will find loneliness itself is the best accompanist in life.

But some bastard of those wise may wish to get away from the wisdom which keep him distinctive.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wannabe Parade 7.

Another 'Napoleon Dynamited'