Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Feel 'firm'!

To live hard is always a virtue of the life in this time of world.

In Korea, there's a words saying 'study hard when you need to study and play hard when you have free time'.

it's just 'live every moment as hard as you can'.

There's no defect in this words, at least from the sound of it.

Action and reaction, pros and cons.

doing hard may take away the time to ponder the reason for it, doing hard.

What for?

Money, Friends, Marriage, being a good son/daughter, honour, own goal, benefit for others and so on.

All the Motivation and purpose set seems lack of the thought about reason.

Is your reason worthy to put your whole life?

Just curious. to you and to me too.

Hence, there must be more time to lay down, being lazy, sit back to find out what drives your life.

never doing hard is not what i am saying.
But what i am saying is to think harder for doing hard.

(With world famous Drummer, Jojo Mayer)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hanman's Diary.

farewell parade.
This is farewell season. those I start australian life with are leaving one by one.
For any reason, the fact of the seperation btwn us means alot to me.(Whoever it'd be.)

deep colour of solitude has been sketched under my skull. I always handle this cancering scareness via reflecting myself to those who're with me.

And now, one by one is leaving me and it reminds me of the times that I had to do a sole and heart-tearing surgery.

Ppl won't stop or prevent the process in me.
But they retarded it. And now they are leaving.

I'm afraid of another sugery that I have to make.

I'm scared of.

The scene with full of grey blood coming from my feeble heart.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Undisputed Identity.

'I'm one of you' attitude.

One of the sliest way to sneak in.

But there's certain things that you can't disguise like gender, height, weight, ethnic group and so on.(some become possible these days, tho.)

Above all identities I have, there's one thing that is firm in me. 'Christian'.

It's really easy name tag to have, but never allowed to everyone who insists themselves as Christian.

Holy human. ppl on God's side other than on worldly side.

That's Christian and what I do here will be a different life.

Yeah. that's it. I'm unashamed of God, whom I believe.

I am not unashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes!(Roman 1:16)

Han'man Diary.

It's bn a while since I wrote something here last time.
Sometimes exhausting daily life strangled me and kept me away from writing something,
and when sparkling thing happened, I felt just numb to move or write.

Nowadays I face the big deal that I've expected for 2 years.
To be able to continue studying till the end or to taste a bit and end it......
Either way is given, it will never change any thing in my mind.

But it's somehow not so delightful to go through the negative result which is most likely to be happen in respect of world's point of view.

Been sick for a while.

But I haven't had trouble with sickness since I was so busy thinking this in my head.
(Which is good in a respect, tho.)

I'd better wait for another hot day instead of sitting wishing the negative not happens.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Don't waste your life

Don't waste your life by Lecrae(feat. Cam & Dwayne Tryumf)

[Hook: Cam]
Don't wanna waste my life

[Verse 1: LeCrae]
I know a lot of people out there scared they gone die
Couple of em thinking they'll be livin in the sky
But while I'm here livin man I gotta ask why, what am here fo I gotta figure out
Waste my life
No I gotta make it count
If Christ is real then what am I gonna do about
everything in Luke 12:15 down to 21
You really oughta go and check it out
Paul said if Christ ain't resurrect then we wasted our lives
Well that implies that our life's built around Jesus being alive
Everyday I'm living tryin show the world why
Christ is more than everything you'll ever try
Better than pretty women and sinning and living to get a minute of any women and men that you admire
Ain't no lie
We created for Him
Outta the dust he made us for Him
Elects us and he saves us for Him
Jesus comes and raises for Him/
Magnify the Father why bother with something lesser/
He made us so we could bless Him and to the world we confess him/
Resurrects him/
So I know I got life
Matter of fact better man I know I got Christ
If you don't' see His ways in my days and nights
You can hit my brakes you can stop my lights/
Man I lost my rights
I lost my life
Forget the money cars and toss that ice
The cost is Christ
And they could never offer me anything on the planet that'll cost that price.
[Verse 2: Dwayne Tryumph]
Armed and dangerous
So the devil jus can't handle us
Christian youth them a stand wid us
Livin' n driven
Given a vision
Fullfillin the commission he handed us
London to Los Angeles
Da rap evangelist
Ma daddy wouldn't abandon us
"I gotta back pack fulla tracts plus I keep a Johnny Mac"
So are you ready to jam with us
So let's go, gimme the word an let's go
Persecution let's go
Tribulation let's go
Across the nation let's go
Procrastination bes go
Hung on the cross in the cold
Died for da young and the old
Can't say you never know
Heaven knows
How many souls are going to hell or to heaven so we gotta go in and get em
[Verse 3: LeCrae]
Yeah do it for Christ if you trying to figure what to do with your life
If you making money hope you doing it right because the money is Gods you better steward it right
Stay focused if you ain't got no ride
Your life ain't wrapped up in what you drive
The clothes you wear the job you work
The color your skin naw we Christian first
People living life for a job
Make a lil money start living for a car
Get em a house a wife kids and a dog
When they retire they living high on the hog
But guess what they didn't ever really live at all/
To live is Christ yeah that's Paul I recall/
To die is gain so for Christ we give it all
He's the treasure you'll never find in the mall.
See Your money your singleness marriage talent and time
They were loaned to you to show the world that Christ is Divine
That's why it's Christ in my rhymes
That's why it's Christ all the time
My whole world is built around him He's the life in my lines
I refused to waste my life
He's too true ta chase That ice
Heres my gifts and time cause I'm constantly trying to be used to praise the Christ
If he's truly raised to life
Then this news should change your life
And by his grace you can put your faith in place that rules your days and nights.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Han man's Diary.

I'm movin out.

Leaving this old beloved place, I just finished cleaning new house.
This house contract is verbal and under the personal contract without an agency.
Owing to that, I had to arrange up all by myself as a tenant.
The New place, which locates in Carnegie, is in Carnegie.

(What am I sayin?)
Anyway it means, I ain't need to worry abt train schedule after work any more.
But what I concern at the moment is that how I am gonna manage the ppl who moves in.
I ain't dare to worry the stuff. There's the one who got my back.

Hm. I've taken most of the furniture and stuffs out of the house and mop 'em up.
Thankfully, I could have a few fellas that helped me cordially so that I could ge things over within today. It's another help from the one who got my back.

What a day~!

Whole week is rainy but not today. It's quite amazing that the day I need clean weather most is bright breeze day. Thursday is the moving day and forecast says it'll be rainy. However, I ain't worry cuz there's the one who get my back.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Take all as it comes

In a month, I'm moving out to a new land called 'Carnegie'.

Unexpected oportunity has been given without any effort.
It's all about the blessing on my attitude that 'take all as it comes'.

My monetary status just hit the utmost last week and it starts dwindling by the unanticipated needs that I could avoid if I've wanted.

For those expenses, I'm also 'take all as it comes'.

Take all as it comes. yeah. all the things. cuz all of it is under control of the one I'm meant to be in.

I've been asked to write a script for a play in Church.

'Take it as it comes'.

I'm about to finish it and already be thankful for all the words I could come up with.

I can't wait to see.

what precious memory the participant would make,
how exciting the atmosphere in the hall will be,
and, definitely last but not least,

that massage of it will be delivered to those who wanted to hear from the one that asked me to write it.

God. U are the only motivation that generates my passion.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sittin on a random street.

Wind blows like a lullaby
Whisper babbles peace goes by
Twilight beauty sets down, no more good bye
and says no one needs any alibi.

Friday, September 4, 2009

dense loneliness.

What a reunion with Mr.Loneliness.

My life drives me of getting new and different.
so new and different that I may stray and feel so lonely.
It is all about this life that i keep my orientation without any influence of main stream.(or against main stream).

Its nature is apart from any form of compromise with sweety, worldly and sexy vague attraction.
And its vainness has been vaporized at meeting of the outer boundary of my firmness.
However ironically the steam from the crash paints a certain wall which depart me from the flow.

dark solitude like chocolate ball is gulped and generates a fierce partition called clear isolation.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gimme dat by Ambassador

This life is all about the decision between God and unGod.
Amid this confrontation, the right of the choice is given to us.

The way of facing worldly situations is how u react to God who wants u, not your high quality.
And on the other side, what u ask God for must be the closer relationship with him(the faith), not God's gifts for you.

A u really seeking for merely God?
A u ready to drive boldly thru this world without any worldly present given from God?

Gimme dat Lyrics by Ambassador from Cross Movement

Gimme dat fire (fire)
Gimme dat flame (flame, flame)
Gimme dat (gimme dat)
Gimme dat (gimme dat)
Gimme dat (gimme dat)
Absolutely you can gimme dat
If it's mine (gimme dat)
It's good for me (gimme dat)
I want it all

Gimme dat bible
Gimme dat mic
I'll drop Jesus anyway so he can make a disciple
Can't surpass Christ there's no takin' his title
A passion for Christ I'll have you prayin' for revival
Gimma my city, yeah
Gimme dat, less fish
Gospel of peace, yeah
You can give me dat fresh kicks
Gimme dat
Vest with your blessin' Lord I'm desperate
You gave me your life
So I look forward to my exit
I used to be a punk-kid
Use to wanna run with
Dudes dat wanna hunt that
Turned our ones into hundreds
Used to run the blunt to be blunt
I wanted trees just to alter my mind
Now I find out more in Jesus

Used to run and roll mad deep with a street clique
Corner holdin' heat on the low like a secret
God's spirit penetrated my soul on a sneak tip
Took control now I'm in his floor like a leaflet

Gimme dat fire
Gimme dat flame
Gimme dat fresh wind
Gimme dat rain
Gimme dat freedom
You can have the chains
Gimme dat God you can gimme all things

Gimme dat fire, flame
Gimme dat fresh wind
Gimme dat rain
Gimme dat freedom
You can have the chains
Gimme dat God you can gimme all things

I know you got riches
I know you got ice
Your life is a big party
You're partyin' all night
You don't mind not knowin' Christ
In your mind dat's alright
You might not get this now
But you're kind of a Saul type

You keep with the trends
Cool's your middle name
On your pants you got a chain
That droops like Lil' Wayne
You're tattooed in a Benz
Maybe you're in a Range
Ladies, you drivin' crazy
Nothin crazier than your frame
(This is a shame)
It's the age and I'm game
To be an agent of change
In an age that's like a page in a flame
Just smoke, just mirrors, just vapor is plain
You see, a Holy God is not one of you favorite things
I was just like you,
But God moved on a fellow
Gave me good news
Dat I could use on the ghetto
Maybe it's you who wants to
U turn to settle
You're dead if you do
I'll tell you it's been settled

So you got platinum?
We got our Lord
If we want, we could ask him
But he's our reward
Gotta be perfect
It can't be three out of four
If you're sick of fallin' short
Then he's got a cure

Gimme dat cure, dat door, dat hero
Gimme dat grace dat never chased the dinero
How much glory should you give your boy? Zero
That would cause beef with the Lamb like a Gyro

Gimme dat day reaches you over shinin'
Truth over rhymin'
Virtue over diamonds
Gimme some change
Sometimes I do need the dough
Gimme some pain
Somethin' -- I do need to grow

Gimme what I won't ask for
Don't gimme what I seek
When i creep, I'm a sheep
Gimme your pasture
Gimme life
Just like you intended
It's like to see you raise like the day you ascended

Yeah, this is just to let cats know
Don't focus on what you can't have
Get all you can have
We call dat freedom
Dat's the joy of God
And his poeple
In his world
On his terms


Do u see what i'm getting at?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Sociological Experimentation in O' Town.

* Hypothesis : Money may implicates the satisfaction of life.

* Experimentation steps : 1. disguise as an social outcast.
2. earn money.
3. investigate the change of mind states over the income.
4. buy and intake a yoghurt.(HIGH PLAUSIBILITY)

*. Location : Oakleigh

*. Process : Simply lay out the experimenter and wait.

*. Duration : 5 mins.

*. Result

Financial balance : - 8 Ausi Dollars. (Cool Pad purchased for pain relief)

Outcome phenomenon : knee pain, back pain, self social disgrace,
psychological shame,scornful laugh by co-experimenters,
and physical fatigue.

Conclusion : 'O' Town' is stonecold!

Friend. Friendship.

Yo, mate!

hey Bro!

Can u spare me a cigarette, ma friend?

In english(or its culture), it is so easy and light title to be a 'friend'.

Friend. 친구. 親舊. Korean word for Friend is based on Chinese word which means someone who has been known closely for a long time.

For me, friend is somebody whom i can share everything of mine, materials and emotion. But as time goes by, this world(I'd rather say pursuit of over-pleasant and self-centered convenience in life) encourages instant relationship.

Oldies but Goodies.

This dumbing down tendency, 'wonderful ego heaven' portrays unrealistic fantasies and make invisible worthy relationship worthless.And it drives someone like me to the loneliness recklessly.

Soaked in solitude, it can never be a genuine smile.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Answer me.

Are you dreaming of your own?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hanman's Diary.

It was another ordinary day.

I had work in the afternoon from 1600 to 2100.
So I went to work.
And then, I came home.

I've got repaid 700 dollars which I loaned a while ago.
And I just paid 600 back on my account.
100 is for my tithe for what I earned last biweeks, for my metcard and for lunch with my friends tmr.

Since this flat life is not the one i'll continue till the end, I'm enjoying it much for my later rememberance.
God's super quenching strenghen my endurance and finally it'll be super endurance against my lifetime.

yeah, for sure.

But how come the train always delays when i'm running late?
I hope no more delay(inconvenience according to 'Connex') happens tmr morning.
Other than that, pretty fine. hahaha.

it's been 2 years!! Hm.. (when I was a teacher.)

Friday, June 19, 2009

The absolute right thing you believe.

Justice. Righteousness. Faith.
Where do these firmly stand?
It's only happen where two or more possess some point of view in common.

Simply the way of thinking is the key to the not-wrong.

Therefore, all kinds of justice can't be immutable truth like God.

Because the glorious justice is in our head.

Human. too short for being perfect.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who am I?

See I'm the God that you don't know about.
I gave you breath up in your lungs that you can't go without.
See you know the facts of my story you been told about.
I'm always reaching out for you but you just keep on holding out.
I know your doubts, I know you're thinking that I ain't real.

See I know the way you feel I walked earth just like you.
and like a child up in his father's arms, I long to hide you.

Manytimes I invites you.
I stand here right beside you.
But you walk right past, you ignore my hands here given to guide you.
I gave you gifts I gave you talents that you just gain your wealth.
But you took my gifts and talents only for you, just to glorify yourself.
I was beaten and bruised, crushed now for your iniquity.
Stripped naked, I was spit upon just for you to live eternally.
Yet you blaspheme me, you make moves without asking me.
Then you blame me for your troubles and calamaties, you kidding me?

Keep me first keep me in your life, and it's gonna be alright.
See i'm Jesus Christ.

from '5th element' by KJ-52.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hanman's diary.

Nowadays it's so easy to see tons of tubes in a bathroom.
Such as toothpaste, cleansing form, beautiful-skin-making mask, wrinkle-stretching kinda creams and so forth.

Some houses have so many tubes that I became under an illusion of being in a cosmetic shop.

I'm not the kind of guy who is familiar with all those cosmetic world!
It might be due to my childhood's memory that I don't feel like having so many things in my bathroom.
One tube, toothpaste, is enough as long as I have a soap. Bathroom, where to simply clean myself.

Shampoo was always in a plastic container in my thought. However, one of my friends broke up my bathroom-truth recently. Shampoo in a tube!! I reckon it as a waste or useless. But the friend told me material is too new, expensive and good for the health so company produce them with a small tube so that they can adjust the price of demand.

But I couldn't help getting out of this idea. That stupid tube is too small! it'll be run out quite soon! Washing is the point in a bathroom, not nourishing!!! yeah. I'm sure!

To get to the point, today I went to bathroom to brush my teeth. I picked up my brush, squeezed a tube and started brushing.

it tasted weird. After a few moment, I realized that it was a cleansing form of my share mate!!!!


I feel like having stomachache now. This stupid cosmetic development! What's going on with this world!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


'Loneliness' embrace all kind of feeling that one alone has.

It is not always about opposite sex.
It is about friend, family, teacher, stranger, son and daughter and everybody.
It is about the wind blows at the nose, the home u heading back to after work, a thing u wanna have or keep with your best care or the place you've got your memories in.

It's about life. The way of trip we call 'life'.

Some would find this loneliness at the nearest and the lowest meaning.
They would say like they know all about loneliness in lifetime.
They would look for somebody who is able to tear off the loneliness from their body.

While, some others with cursed wisdom will be bored and sick of the approaches.
And they will find loneliness itself is the best accompanist in life.

But some bastard of those wise may wish to get away from the wisdom which keep him distinctive.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wannabe Parade 7.

Another 'Napoleon Dynamited'

Monday, April 27, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wannabe Parade 5.

Wannabe desire never cares about location, time and environment!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wannabe Parade 4.

A Hunter with female jaguar.(feat. Jessica)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

After reading some of the past by chance.

There are so many kinds of presents.
There are so many kinds of letters.
There are so many kinds of way to give the feeling to one another.

Amongst all forms of a heartful gifts,
I value the heartful letters most.

Writing a letter is not a just simple thing.

By picking up a color of pen to write, one thinks the feeling he/she has.
By choosing a letter paper, one thinks about the kind of impression from 'the one'.
By starting a letter, one dreams how the counterpart would react with it.
As writing goes on, one carefully pours out what the emotion to be given.

Even after writing is done it's not even half way finished.

'To give or not. To give or not.'

This throb trembles one's decision to give or not.

At last, all after one makes up the decision, the precious sentiment in the envelope is handed over to 'THE ONE'.

One will wait for the reaction.
And The other will read it and read it again.

A letter includes all these sensitive expressions and it becomes a memory.

Also it is also another flavor to see
if the expection about reaction was right or not.
if the emotion was given well and correctly.
if the other understands how one has had in his/her heart.

Unfortunately as this IT world has been developed,
it is never easy to give and take a paper mail to one another and it gets no one ever cares about letter.

However, fortunately that's why it becomes rignt time to value a heartful letter more.


Han, Jong Won

17A Portman street,

Post Code : 3166

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wannabe parade 3.

We Were Soldiers!!

wannabe parade 2

Don't worry, babies. everything is under my control! (feat.Fiona, Jaesuk and Yeon)

Wannabe Parade 1.

We were lookin at at UFO!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

D. D. D.

Draft Draws Dream.

Surrounding voice echoes it all the time in your space called 'world'.
It is so convincing that it feels like real.
Tremendous plan leads a fantastic result.

But, is it?

It is said because the possibility gets more when wonderful steps to follow are set up.

But it never works in one's blessed life.
What a man do is always what just a man do.
It never shows or signs anything abt further.
Then frustration is supposed to enbody him tight and shake him wide.
Loosened body trembles over the catharsis of the desire.
This traumatic tragedy soaks the shallow tiny string of hope.
Then by somehow or anyhow, this wonderful singleness fades away from him.
Finally all of it becomes experience that strengthen him in a way.

Practically this strength empowers the weakness.
Immunity against same sort of solitude that is caused by a certain type of thing, is thickened while cracked.

In a sentence, Cracked wall is hardened.


All this is a single small part of his time.
And this bit of life differs the taste of his breath every time.

Doubt Dang Data.
Don't Damn Deficiency.

he now knows the ingredients of his life.

Daddy Decides Destination.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

a part of my novel.

So many thoughts come and go in this another-special night. As the sparkling eyes shine more in the night, it is not weird to go into the dark to glitter myself.

But this time it's not. I'm just idle and have fun. that's all.

This is a part of my novel that is being written at the moment.
I just wanted to translate to see my rusty english.


갑작스레 길거리에 주저앉고는 빨래 속에서 펜과 수첩을 꺼냈다. 행여나 젖을까 옷들 속에 넣어두었던 수첩은 조금 눅눅하긴 했지만 젖어서 쓸 수 없을 정도는 아니었다. 또 언제나 그렇듯 물에 젖어 흐려지는 잉크 펜이 아닌 그래도 굳건히 흔적을 남기고 지나가는 볼펜이야말로 제이의 벗이었다. 급하게 주저앉은 제이는 수첩을 펴들고 펜을 만지작거리다가 고개를 푹 숙이고 손을 움직이기 시작했다.

Suddenly, he sat on the street and took out the pen and the note from a heap of laundry in his bag. The noteook he had put in the middle of clothes to prevent from getting wet, was luckily not wet much. It was dry enough to write on. And the pen. It is a cheap ball pen which is firmly writable most of the time unlike the other expensive ink pens that is spread when it gets wet and cannot be used on wet paper. He loved ball pen and it is not only because of the price. Dropping down abruptly on the road, J opened his notebook fumbling his pen and started moving his hand with drooping his head to the book.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Job searching is about to start.

My visa type has been changed into Working Holiday Visa.
It's time to commence the project 'getting into University'.

This year will be tough and exhausting once again.
But it won't be so bothering to me cuz it is another new day for my hungry appetite for experience.
This instinct never fade away from my life regardless of my desire for common life.

PCA Certificate.
Personal Care Assistant becomes my brand new name of profession.
This work is full of caring and love.
And these things are the things that I'm about to learn more during this year.

2009! I need more prayers since i feel i'm getting exhausted.

cheer for me will be welcomed.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Deal with heart!

Ppl communicate each other everyday.

All kinds of emotion is cross-transferred. But it is scarcely successful to be given and taken exactly according to the start.

Seeable worth like possession such as MONEY, friends, car and so on is becoming the worth the world gives respect to.

And in that world, acknowlodging another's feeling is so simple.

'that's too bad.'
'hm. great!'

Just simple words that never understand the feeling of someone's burning in their heart.

For the better communication, it's time to hear to another's heart.

It will be great when you are felt fully sumpathetically by someone.
it will be great when you feel fully sympathetic to someone.

Wiping tears can never stop the running tears.

It's time to know the importance of the way to listen.

Monday, March 9, 2009

busy busy busy.

I'm in Korea at the moment.

since I got here on 17th Feb, I've never had a free night without any appointment.

Hew..... I've met some ppl and I could rewind the time and have a glimpse on my past thru them.

what a nice imaginary resource friends are!

Every single day was good and great. (exhausting, though.)

And now, I'm wondering how my non-Korean friends've remembered me.

Friday, February 27, 2009

For fun!! For Fun!

I've applied for a lucky jackpot!


This job ain't looking like mine, but I just applied for fun.

the progress I've gone on was fun and like a lottery, it's fun to dream it.

It looks obvious that I was so in hurry during making this video.

Whatever.... I had fun and that's all I wanted!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I'm obsessed by beach!

Thesedays I've been at beach area quite often.
Although, I haven't taken many photos to prove it, I think I've been at several different places around 12 times in January only!

Don't know why. I just liked to talk to the sea and that was the biginning.
And then I had some people asked me to go together one by one and finally one of my friends became a black man. He's as dark as Chocolete now. ain't it good?

Melb is now hottest since 1908.
But it's quite windy every where.

Wind blows and makes wave. Wave comes to beach as if it wants to gobble up every single swimmer. I struggle with its effort and sea and I are having tough fun.

Tough fun. The joy of this life that I've been amuzed with.

The problem is,
this kind of fun is salty at the beach but it never taste like that simple in real life.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy new year!!

Happy new year to those who celerbrate Korean(Chinese) new year on today!

I pray that 2009 will be a given chance for your further step!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The thing most of the people longed for from me.

(I'll show you my positive and daily writing!! Thx for concern about me!!)

I had a hair cut.

A hair cut which implies so many things to me has been done recently.
It was a failure (as hair dresser and myself said). However, after a small part has been changed, it becomes a sensation amongst my friends.

My hair dresser friend became very famous and she's having difficulties over so many requests.
Everyone who saw me says to her like

'He looks handsome now!'.
'Do that magic to me! Now he looks like his age!!'.
'There's a new guy in church and he looks nice!'.
'i saw Han'man and he becomes a human!!!'.

.... Do i have to feel happy?

I don't know. But as time goes by, people call me and want to meet me. Hm..

'Appearance is changable and the important thing is content of someone.'
That's what I believe.

But somehow these days I'm showered in a compliment that i'm handsome and it feels not so bad. hahahaha.
What a day and what a life!

Someone took this photo and I don't really like it. But for some of you who might want to know how i look like now, this is my new hair.

How do you think?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

It's been a good year in 2008 (at least I could taste some fiesta.)

Here comes new one which means to me that returning to face a wonderful sharp pikes aiming at me. But this time, I have a tiny but important satisfaction in my chest pocket. Its heat will keep me warmer than before.

Homework has been given. it's bigger and more essential than whatever I've had in 2008. And its start is ,so far, not so clear to see yet. But life is life and this is my life. I'll bear it with joyfulness.

Happy new year to the ppl that read this. Whatever 2009 would bring to you is a bearable fruit for you and I know that you'll be able to be in possession of your own happiness.