Sunday, March 22, 2009

Job searching is about to start.

My visa type has been changed into Working Holiday Visa.
It's time to commence the project 'getting into University'.

This year will be tough and exhausting once again.
But it won't be so bothering to me cuz it is another new day for my hungry appetite for experience.
This instinct never fade away from my life regardless of my desire for common life.

PCA Certificate.
Personal Care Assistant becomes my brand new name of profession.
This work is full of caring and love.
And these things are the things that I'm about to learn more during this year.

2009! I need more prayers since i feel i'm getting exhausted.

cheer for me will be welcomed.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Deal with heart!

Ppl communicate each other everyday.

All kinds of emotion is cross-transferred. But it is scarcely successful to be given and taken exactly according to the start.

Seeable worth like possession such as MONEY, friends, car and so on is becoming the worth the world gives respect to.

And in that world, acknowlodging another's feeling is so simple.

'that's too bad.'
'hm. great!'

Just simple words that never understand the feeling of someone's burning in their heart.

For the better communication, it's time to hear to another's heart.

It will be great when you are felt fully sumpathetically by someone.
it will be great when you feel fully sympathetic to someone.

Wiping tears can never stop the running tears.

It's time to know the importance of the way to listen.

Monday, March 9, 2009

busy busy busy.

I'm in Korea at the moment.

since I got here on 17th Feb, I've never had a free night without any appointment.

Hew..... I've met some ppl and I could rewind the time and have a glimpse on my past thru them.

what a nice imaginary resource friends are!

Every single day was good and great. (exhausting, though.)

And now, I'm wondering how my non-Korean friends've remembered me.