Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Somewhere in the middle.

Where do I belong in aspect of human being?

Biologically, I am a 185cm tall male.
Geologically, I am Korean who stays in Melbourne at the moment.
professionally, I am a melb uni student and a PCA at nursing home in Carnegie.
Religiously, I am a JESUS HOLIC in all capital.
Politically, I am a skeptical to most of the policies which involves ideas of economics.

okay. So are those me?

I do not know. Cuz I don't think I am.

I have friends but i am alone. I am alone but I have friends.
I am religious but i am not religious. I am not Christian but I am Christian.
I am out of the people but i am one of the people. I am not in society but I am a member of it.
I stays in Melbourne but I do not belong to Melbourne. I speak Korean but I don't feel Korea.
My family is all alive but I can't see them. I can't feel them but I love them.
I am not a clubbing one but I like socialising. I don't like biased 'Carpe Diem' life but I enjoy every minute.
I am told I have much experience but I don't agree exprience is good thing.
I traveled a lot but I don't like leaving.
I like food but I cannot cook.
I value people but I tend to be disgusted with crowd.
I do have my own way of thinking but I don't want opportunity cost.
........ then what is it? What am I? What do I want? What do I long for? What am I heading for?


At least, one thing is sure, then.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Business, Busyness.

Business is never easy.

But when you face busyness including business, you'll dream of going back to deal with single business.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hanman Diary.

Knowing nature.
Understanding Society.
Principles of Marketing.

One info.

ohisaSHIBURI desu ne. - means 'haven't seen you for a long time' of a formal way.

When teacher asked the class to repeat, I grinned a bit.
Cuz it sounds like 'where the F*** are you saying now, huh?' in korean.

And then,

informal way of 'haven't seen you for a long time' ..... It was another bomb.

SHIBARAku desu ne.

............. it's just 'You, F***' in korean.

I never laugh with dirty jokes or curse words since I changed my mind.

But it's Japanese. the one I hated for my whole life till I realize i have to love everyone in the world.

This subject is getting interesting.
Ah... due to the repeatation, I used korean bad words today since long time ago.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Han man Diary.

It gets started to become eager to play drum once again.

havin not played drum for last 2 months, to see somebody playin drum drives me crazy.

It is not good that I feel like shackled into time. The frame irrelevant to myself that everyone is entrapped is expanding its dark hands over my freedom.

It's quite great feeling to be back to school, tho.
Although I encounter the situation I sit with someone much younger than me(I hope there's no generation gap), I finally acquired the gratification of being one of the most which I've longed for a long long time!

But this busyness of doing all the things i can afford to at the moment finally locked me in the calculative perspective to the time I have.

Ah... University. tertiary education is as precious, lonely and detestable as I never dreamt after my silly rough attitude towards schools washed off of me.

It's called further studying. but it's just first studying for me. The fact requires me to compensate the bygone time I wasted when I was in school.

Hm. Epitomizing article homework of knowing nature gives me nothing to know naturally.

Understanding society shakes my collar to urge me to say that I won't be able to.

Japanese, the one of the hateful subjects in my teenage, is once again popped up onto the surface to test my immune against heterogeneous abhorrence.

Principles of marketing feels like when i need to go to market to buy food.(which I have no idea how to do.)

nevertheless, the reason I can be thankful and grateful is that I know it's not me who's doing all these. The only duty I gotta do is just to do hard. That's it.

And then, the consequences, hence, are all acceptable, since I trust what he gives is good for me.

So, let's get ends of my lip wide to east and west.