Thursday, July 30, 2009

Answer me.

Are you dreaming of your own?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hanman's Diary.

It was another ordinary day.

I had work in the afternoon from 1600 to 2100.
So I went to work.
And then, I came home.

I've got repaid 700 dollars which I loaned a while ago.
And I just paid 600 back on my account.
100 is for my tithe for what I earned last biweeks, for my metcard and for lunch with my friends tmr.

Since this flat life is not the one i'll continue till the end, I'm enjoying it much for my later rememberance.
God's super quenching strenghen my endurance and finally it'll be super endurance against my lifetime.

yeah, for sure.

But how come the train always delays when i'm running late?
I hope no more delay(inconvenience according to 'Connex') happens tmr morning.
Other than that, pretty fine. hahaha.

it's been 2 years!! Hm.. (when I was a teacher.)