Friday, June 19, 2009

The absolute right thing you believe.

Justice. Righteousness. Faith.
Where do these firmly stand?
It's only happen where two or more possess some point of view in common.

Simply the way of thinking is the key to the not-wrong.

Therefore, all kinds of justice can't be immutable truth like God.

Because the glorious justice is in our head.

Human. too short for being perfect.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who am I?

See I'm the God that you don't know about.
I gave you breath up in your lungs that you can't go without.
See you know the facts of my story you been told about.
I'm always reaching out for you but you just keep on holding out.
I know your doubts, I know you're thinking that I ain't real.

See I know the way you feel I walked earth just like you.
and like a child up in his father's arms, I long to hide you.

Manytimes I invites you.
I stand here right beside you.
But you walk right past, you ignore my hands here given to guide you.
I gave you gifts I gave you talents that you just gain your wealth.
But you took my gifts and talents only for you, just to glorify yourself.
I was beaten and bruised, crushed now for your iniquity.
Stripped naked, I was spit upon just for you to live eternally.
Yet you blaspheme me, you make moves without asking me.
Then you blame me for your troubles and calamaties, you kidding me?

Keep me first keep me in your life, and it's gonna be alright.
See i'm Jesus Christ.

from '5th element' by KJ-52.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hanman's diary.

Nowadays it's so easy to see tons of tubes in a bathroom.
Such as toothpaste, cleansing form, beautiful-skin-making mask, wrinkle-stretching kinda creams and so forth.

Some houses have so many tubes that I became under an illusion of being in a cosmetic shop.

I'm not the kind of guy who is familiar with all those cosmetic world!
It might be due to my childhood's memory that I don't feel like having so many things in my bathroom.
One tube, toothpaste, is enough as long as I have a soap. Bathroom, where to simply clean myself.

Shampoo was always in a plastic container in my thought. However, one of my friends broke up my bathroom-truth recently. Shampoo in a tube!! I reckon it as a waste or useless. But the friend told me material is too new, expensive and good for the health so company produce them with a small tube so that they can adjust the price of demand.

But I couldn't help getting out of this idea. That stupid tube is too small! it'll be run out quite soon! Washing is the point in a bathroom, not nourishing!!! yeah. I'm sure!

To get to the point, today I went to bathroom to brush my teeth. I picked up my brush, squeezed a tube and started brushing.

it tasted weird. After a few moment, I realized that it was a cleansing form of my share mate!!!!


I feel like having stomachache now. This stupid cosmetic development! What's going on with this world!!!