Sunday, October 12, 2008

Do you remember yesterday?

Do you remember yesterday?

were there stars in the night sky yesterday?

How much clouds were there yesterday?

What made you smiling yesterday?
Which way the wind blows yesterday?
Who did want you to look back yesterday?
When did you feel hungry most yesterday?
Why don't you remember some of those above about yesterday?

Yesterday was one of the days you have had.
But yesterday had not been met you before and you won't have the 'yesterday' again till the end.

There might be so many yesterdays.
But the yesterday you've been thru was just one particular yesterday.

No one had same day as exactly you had.

That means, U lived yesterday and everything was right there only for you yesterday.

For the everything that had settled for you, let me ask you just one question.

Do you remember yesterday?

...... yesterday that was designed only for you?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

In fact, it's not that valuable.

Inevitable sacrifice.

The idea current human beings consider as the best is actually just a piece of source for the later human beings. Although it doesn't mean that the every right thing in the past is not totally wrong, if it is considered as not suitable for present, then it is just wrong.

Absolute truth. It is a non-sense but it is worthy. Because the belief in it can only give people an excuse and so that people can believe and say positively 'We are closing to the truth and the justice. We are developing'.

Truth we have is not the truth. It's just a belief that we have truth.

That is, it's merely a poor justification of this present time.

(from my note at 1100 on 16Apr08, Wed)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's not easy to restart something that was almost forgotten.

People dream.
some walk, run, or rush towards it and some stop and be still. Some step back from it farther and father and some give up.

This world tells a plausible story as it is a hidden secret.

'Chase after the dream till the end.'

I don't agree with that sly and tasteless quotation, but i have my dream too.

Unlike the others, this dream never urge me but sometimes chokes me nearly to the death.

it changes its form all the time and occasionally it converts itself into totally opposite one from the previous one.

Anyway, that is my dream. I never chase after it or try to grab it. I just accompany it during this long journey, called life.

On that view, I have a companion who's always staying with me and his name is 'sensitivity'.
Whenever, whatever, wherever if i want these buddies, he allows me to cooperate on something. Although his appearance is always different, he's most of the time near me.

Once we hung out together at a river side, windy day without doing anything, but writing. We, as usually, came up with one story and started writing down.

for a few days, he begged me to continue it, but i refused it cuz i felt lazy to do it.

That's quite long ago. And we were busy been dong something else.
I accidently found that piece of paper, the memory from that river side, and asked him to restart it.

But he denies to do it.
How hard I try it, he never show his mind.
And then i can't go on.

Cuz it was not mine, but ours.

During the last a week, when i stayed home and did nohing, I couldn't even turn his mind to hang out with me doing the thing. And we've played with something else.

Right now, I really feel sorry missing the story, a bit hate his provoking timid mind, and really regret my carelessness to him.

'Water under the bridge.'

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


My right posterior thigh brought me to the hospital today.
The pain was getting severe and i could barely move.
(I shouldn't have run yesterday night.)

So I went to Monash Hospital and got an interview.
It is not hamstring strain. It is some blood collection and torn muscle.

Since 2 weeks ago exercising sports for straight 10 days results in severe muscle torn.
Especially last week wednesday, I played socer with some ppl and from the beginning I felt pain.
But my heart was burning(?) for soccer.
I just wanted to play more, so I ignored its seriousness went on..
And now, I have a pair of crutches on my both side when i walk.

Ah... What should I do!! I have revenge soccer league from next week~!

I can't play. It ain't good.
I tried to convince the doctor how much i wanna play for the league.
But Doctor affirmed that if I play a sports within 3 months, the wound will be permanent and you'll limp for your whole life..


Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done. (Luke 22:42)