Thursday, July 31, 2008

at the re-biginning of novel.

An abandoned story,
utilizing the shimmering mementos,
categorizing delightful inccidents,
overcoming sorrow of knowing losing real notes,
and throwing out loneliness coming from thorough isolation in the past.

It's time. It's time to get lost in.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

walking alone on a sole journey.

Don't know where it goes,
but it seems it's the only one i can go along.

I walk alone as others do.

It's not a big deal.

The only difference i have than otherss is that I just know I walk ALONE.

* 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' by 'Green day'

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

For What?

There's one simple and easy phrase we all the time use and got used to hear.

'Do your best!'

And without any doubt, we just feel motivated or hastened and try things harder.

That phrase always works for something toward 'ACHIVEMENT'. And strangely no one ever ask oneself this question.

'For what?'

From somewhere, we started being able to do reasoning on our own behaviors like when we are teenagers and study hard for better Uni or something, we have often used that phrase to each other and heard it from our surroundings.

-. Do your best on studying.
'For what?'

What would be asuming answer of ours?

-. to get better grade or marks.
'For what?'
-. to avoid dad's or mom's blame.
-. to go to better Uni like Melbourne Uni.(haha.)
'For what?'
-. to get a good job.
-. to study what i wanna know about.
'For what?'
-. to make more money.
-. to compensate my parent's hardship in their life.


'For what?' can go on and on and on. and as the number of this question being asked, ur reasoning is getting accumulated. and finally, it ends to somethere you gotta think about what your life is all about.

Happiness, Self-actualization, satisfaction, compensation, honour, or etc.

Then it goes a bit to the philosophy.

What is 'your last answer' for?

your answer relates to the death and the meaning of your life.
Wherever u went with those questions to, there's no other ends but death.

And then facing a question like this.

'What is your life for?'

I dare not tell you the answer. Perhaps the existance of Philosophy at this present era tells me there is no a right answer yet.

I am not saying anything like 'life is meaningless. however it goes, the end is same.' or something like this.

But it may be interesting to think about your own answer for that question, 'For what?'.

And then, still wanna know about yourself, go on.

Where are you (or am i) going toward?
What is the purpose of your whole life?
If you achive it, would u feel enough and be able to satisfy yourself?
Will it be worthy enough your utmost effort clinging to it during YOUR WHOLE life?

In my case, I did it. And I filled up my answer sheet and found me deliberating on myself.

I finished it but I won't write it here, though.

And it's your turn to sit back, relax and self-inquire.

What's your answers? A u satisfied with it? Would you give your answer sheet 100 marks?