Monday, February 8, 2010

Hanman Diary.

It's been a long night.
just finished night duty and got home, waiting for washing machine to finish.
(So that I can wear the uniform again for afternoon shift.)

tmr, one of my dearest fellas is coming to melbourne.

He'll be with me. To pick him up from the airport, gotta get up early.
but today i finish work at 2315. And I have to sleep from now on.
Will I be able to get there by 0700??
it'd be better to send a txt to my friend, the driver, to come and wake me up.

I'm looking over how to start uni.
All are quite new and heaps of info smuggle into my tiny little brain in gigantic huge head.
esp. subjects are killing me.
What'd be good to do as breadth subject? So many and So cautious.

can't play drum anymore in Church.
instead i become a lead singer.
gotta pray more and more.

just paid house bills. became a begger.
wanna play soccer.
but cannot even play basketball.
won't miss this time on Sunday.

the movie, 'Hot Fuzz', is quite amazing.
bought it and watched it twice again!
Still quite cool.

let's sleep. can't even type a word now.