Saturday, January 30, 2010


love. what an impactive word it is.
It is what everyone dreams of, what needs to be special and what always makes ppl warm and smiling.
It brings you passion, longing, timidity and at the same time boldness.
Once it passed you by, it leaves irrevocable time waste, irreparable malfunction and irrecoverable scar on your heart and daily life.

Love. How boring it sounds.
Wherever you go, whenever you listen to music or everysingle seasonal day you get tired of hearing it.
It drives a nail of caring mind into your ears. It's a cliche you feel nothing of.
However, it sometimes is a charm and a deposit for payback. It is useful to justify yourself. It squeeze some hearts to get involved into your certain purpose.

Love. How unimaginably huge!
It siezes parents tightly and disarms their calculation. It operates reckless sympathy. It is never known by the recievers. And it is the most precious thing once the acquisitor realized. Impossible to repay and too humongous to perceive fully.

How much of love do I enjoy in my life?
How much am i able to measure?

How many kinds of love do you follow after in you life?

Friday, January 15, 2010

14Jan10 Hanman diary.

Rented a car. gathered ppl. went to Sovereign hill, the gold mine.

due to the accesibility of all the information thru media and internet,

nothing was interesting much. Some are even disappointing.

This imaginary adornment is far expanded by the manipulative media.

Thank you media~!!! Thank you technology~! Thank you development!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hanman Diary. 'some photos from 2009'

[show yourselves!]

[unnoticably taken at circus]

[With Mr.English!!]

[with Trinity fellas and my bro]

[a we really at same age?]

[leaving Oakleigh..]

[come on, babe!]

[Wow! it's a snake!]

[dance with me on the beach, fellas!]

[feel like feelin someth'n]

Sunday, January 3, 2010

when the Sun shines

When the Sun shines
all creatures reveal their colors.
In fact, they just reflect the light coming from Sun.

When a man smiles
all the ppl around him has a several size of 'delight' impact.
in fact, they want to smile deep down in their heart and he triggers it of everyone.


don't you wanna be the one who infect joyful virus to everyone?

be the one, my dear.

Friday, January 1, 2010


It shouldn't be new year!!
Haven't achieved what I had planned to do within 2009.
So just can't let 2009 go away like this.

pile of things remains in red letters and timer has been recklessly stopped.
feel awkward to see this 4 digits changing.(not even all, just two of it.)

feeling like a loser to leave missions behind.
just regard it as one of the humongous failures.

All necessary is a couple of days more for catch up those leftovers.

But it won't happen I guess.

'Brand New Start!'
It's another but never-same beginning.
from the plan to execution of it, all possibility is given.

However none of these conditions make up the success.
It's about the person as always.
What is being underestimated is that 'change(success) follows by effort'.
passive attitude won't gain the dream.
active and advancing manner with bothersome discomfort is essential key to the door of newness.

Reborn! Changed! New man!

That's you and me from now on!

Happy New Year!