Saturday, December 31, 2011

some pieces of my thought throughout 2011 (2)

not the feel-like ones, but the chosen ones. In urban community, there's something no one talks about. that's what I've bn given.

Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you - unless, of course, you fail the test?

What a grace I've got. This is an amazing life.

Christ or nothing. I do not dare to defend my name. For God alone.

Not believing in Demon does not protect u from demon. - from the movie, 'The Rite'. In fact, that's true. Above all, not believing in God does not protect u from his judgment.

some say coincidence. we say grace.

Speaking bible became heresy. what a pity on the contemporary churches of anthropocentric jesus-less gospel! But the passion of gospel cannot be compromised. That's for sure to those who bet their life on the right one. Mercy on us God. We need your mercy. No more blasphemy to holy spirit.

God I know is not entertainable nor temporary. He rules everything at every time. Glory to u, lord.

Holy Spirit, I cordially ask you to do amazing thing to my friend. As you opened his heart to listen to you. That was a stunning flippin. But that's not enough. I pray and expect more than that. All for your glory. Gospel seed has been sowed. It's your turn, Holy Spirit.

Jus one single glimpse of God's beauty will change ur life upside down. One thing for sure.

God's people only jump for the Lord, we ain't jump for the hoods. When I flow, it's gospel!

We are meant to fall. But through the failure, we are meant to recognize the one and only God. That's how he disciplines us, the 'worshipers'.

Faith is this; I don't belong here so I don't care about things around here. I care where I belong. Therefore, I am free from what others care here.

I felt God's tremendous patience. Thx God and sorry for human arrogance.

Theology of Brokenness. one of the essential that we loosely grasp and, sometimes, rebel against.

Holy Spirit, Give your blessing to your lovely son. Let his way be on the way you want him to be. Whatever it takes, please bless this son.

you are always hungry for more. A jar with a big hole in it. That's what you are staring at. Now, let's forget about that stupid jar, so called 'self'. Let's get loose! Wanna join me?

God is enough for today!

Do not test God for your own good, when you are not willing to follow his will.

Being a Christian is a bet u play with ur life. It's not one of the accessories you use to decorate urself.

Is it God u are looking for? Or any types of encouragement from God for urself?

beyond will, that's where the grace dwells in.

Unbearable joy is what I'm looking for. That's what I aim at. And that's how I knew God.

There's no such word 'self-esteem' in Christian. It's all about God and Jesus.

Worldly Ignorance cannot be amoral. However, the passionate ignorance about God is a essentially critical mis-conduct.

knowledge without belief values nothing. Belief without knowledge is same. It does not make sense, 'believe in something that U do not know'.

God can be glorified without u. It's matter of whether u wanna be a part of his glory or not.

God as a part of ur Egocentrism? Or You as a part of Christocentrism?

Just felt that I may need to look at the people who are looking for the real love. I thought I am always available for that, but it seems the others do not think i am. Hm. As long as I can be a part of God's glory, I am always ready for being a living sacrifice. But, God. What about the sickness of being in it? This will restrict what I can say about you. which one would you be more happier? hm...

God is so merciful for you and he always fulfills what you want? is that true? He is so good (in a human-centric way) that he always wants to give you something good ? Be awake. That goodness is not from human point of view. If your first desire is NOT to glorify God, rethink about your faith.

‎1 Corinthians 1:21. human wisdom cannot know(understand) God. - What I felt in Academia about God.-

Faith alone we are justified. What's evidence? your conduct.

Genuine happiness stands firmly on truth.

If that ever-loving God's holy spirit shakes u in the worship and leave u tremble alone after the worship, I've intentionally ignored it. Cuz my God is not instant like that!

God, there are so many people thirsty of u! Bless them with ur words, not those wisdom-less wisdoms, life-less deceit. *jus met the passionate guy.

Deeply rooted self-concerning seems hard to eradicate, especially when one is struggling for knowing God. That's bcuz we are always told that we make our own lives. Face it boldly and challenge urself if u want to be in glory of God.

If Christanity is a belief because God is not sensorily provable, atheism is a belief too.

It's not about what you do. It's all about why you do. do you know why you do what you do? and is that really worthy your youth or your life?

Treasuring Christ is the only way to avoid hell. Hm.. What else can we do?

beautiful weather but it never be mine. How brave we jus exploit it without appreciation towards God.

the world of encouraging optimism matters. why? Optimist people tend to ignore the negative facts that is crucial for them. (from newspaper). Then, I see what's going on in the Christian scene. Avoiding fear of God and sins, 'we are happy in church since jesus did everything for us, whatever that is'.

What makes people thirsty for truth is not the logical affluence of Bible, but the brokenness of each individual. What's brokenness? It's the mind finding hopeless in itself and looking for the absolute truth that worth its total devotion.

some pieces of my thought throughout the year.

On a clear day, we see things clearly. when it gets foggy, we recognize things so hard, and even cannot see what that there is. Perhaps it is the season of the fog why people are stray. It is due to the artificial fog that we proudly made speck by speck.

‎'don't we always try to keep ourselves busy to be away from the loneliness and emptiness?' We all know we are basically THIRSTY for something like genuine HAPPINESS. The one always stays with you no matter what. Do you really have it? or are you busy mesmerising yourself?

Why do we think we can understand everything even when we agree there's intrinsic limitations in human beings?

I saw a giraffe in zoo and thought 'wow. they are fed for free'. It was kinda sad cuz human is not managing well enough to feed its own species. Perhaps, human tries to manage too many things in their control and get burdened from the pressure. it's kinda human greed that smothers their freedom. we didn't actually need to feed them if we had not interfered them.

it seems true in academia 'degrading the true value of human by upgrading knowledges'.

Why people are selfish in their possessions, but not selfish in their meaning of life? Why do they just live as people tell them? - I guess, the blame for the sociological, political, environmental and social settings.

assignment season - exhausted. party (or reunion of friends) - happy. work in early morning next day - tired. sleeping over - regretful. All sort of mundane cause/effect. It's so meaninglessly momentary, if you think about it.

all agrees with the deficiency of human ability. but it seems no one seriously accepts it.

literature that only a few can understand. the old school practice, which I aim at.

harmony is made by consensus. A and C is different and incommensurable. B wants harmony. then with A or C? that depends which B value More. it seems the time to minimize my position to maximize my ultimate duty.

taming animal, bad. organizational taming of human(management), intelligent. is it really so? what an awesome world!!

We hope. We remember past. We say 'Carpe Diem'. But we postpone our happiness by sayin 'I'll b fine after this'. have u ever really had that 'long-lasting' satisfaction? Or keep sayin that vague cliche and deceive urself?
A night. Full of thoughts. Happiness and pity. mouth and emotion. Why so diff? poor ppl in the wicked world.

joke, wealth, body shape, horror, seriousness, and even a life. All looks easy and everone values experience far too much nowadays. cuz it is believed that everthing is entertainable.

On a clear day, we see things clearly. when it gets foggy, we recognize things so hard, and even cannot see what that there is. Perhaps it is the season of the fog why people are stray. It is due to the artificial fog that we proudly made speck by speck.

People claim themselves smart. It's like being deceived by a fully-fledged intentional ignorance of the weakness. It seems all we pursue is fantasy whereas all we face is reality.

Some stuff we take for granted are, in fact, the frame set, called 'intended'. A u really in a happy and enjoyable Disney world as everyone tells? sure? isn't that what u desire but never reach? Don't be deceived dear readers, I beg u.

Different lenses can show us different things. We gotta ponder over whether we are using the right one. Even, the most 'intelligent' academia also sees a thing with different lenses according to the fields they deal with. Then, how come we call it 'objective'? Even professors couldn't answer. Interesting.

distorted dichotomy of religion and science. This mess is very interestingly unfolded throughout history without knowing where it goes. Human greed for obtaining judgmental power is the only explanation. *. James 1:15

It feels like saying 'ok' to the phone due to a guy aiming his gun at my face. Forced answer to fulfil the 'taste'. -in an ordinary Essay night

Once u desired for someone beside u for ur whole life(whether lover or friends). A u still looking for the one? Or trying to compromise urself with reality and deny ur desire?

Influencing others cannot be always in a rational way. Especially when it regards the self-reflection. Maybe that's why I keep myself quite till I fully internalise others in me. It's like a combination of self-reflective analysis and suggesting an option other than a discrimination of other's value inferiority.

There seems no absolute standard if we analyze the existing standard CRITICALLY. But that that does not justify there's no such absolute standard in the world.

If u wanna know what u love, look at the people u feel jealous or admire.

The affiliation to the 'ordinariness' is choking the passion to my true romance.

‎'Because everyone does so' cannot be an excuse. as you already know.

Once again, gotta face another 'leftover' me. The thrill of it for 9 yrs never get me easy. Financially, socially, emotionally, physiologically, mentally, psychologically, realistically, literally, traumatically, uniquely, and always it grows.