Tuesday, June 15, 2010

exam season.

As a Uni student, it is a exam season.
tons of revision(I'd rather say, learning something new) awaits at the front of my eyes and
old brain retards the progress.
A cheap pen keep pours out extra ink through the ball and
Paper becomes a field of scribbles.
the pressure of language and exam burdens quite heavily.
But it is enjoyable overall.(I wouldn't say it if someone asks now, tho.)

Cuz life is all about exam.
it is a big exam that we go along with the learning and applying.

If i am scared or exhausted by this one, that will eventually denies all the exam I've gone through during my lifetime. studying is the one of the easiest thing in the life and exam about it is a piece of cake to a hungry person.

This paper-based academic is just a trivial one of all.
(However, I still worries about the letter, 'F', which means additional cost in reality.)

Let's get dull with it and see the real exam. the throughout-life one.

........so i'm listening to songs and writing stuff instead of revision... Hm..