Monday, April 26, 2010

How sad it is to face a limit of sharing my happiness.

This fundamental and immortal happiness in me flows so fully that i can't hold it for my own.

When this unerasable exciting joy is passed to someone else, the righteous satisfaction thru life covers over the whole world of me.
Since it is sincerely happy for me and Him, undeniable joy promised is shaking my delightful emotion so hard. It is even more when I feel another receives.

where this delightfulness is blocked by an arrogance and cannot be stretched to the core of someone's life, sorrow blossoms to feel sorry.

I won't be sad or feel bad about this failure of sharing a flower of faith. Since mine won't be changed.
But the love in me which wanna share the right happiness cannot penetrate my beloved, then, frustration for their love-missing is entitled to my pity.
sympathy is what everyone requires. But wrong direction ignores the right deserving.

How sad it is. How sad my love is. when it encounters a short-sited unsensitivity.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Let it go.

to the favorable braveness, I said 'let it go'.
to the delicate suggestion, i said 'let it go'.

when the heartful craving is shown in subaqua I see their precious and priceless gleam.
But whatever it comes onto the surface, i was always sayin 'let it go'.

Even though I decided to be greedy, I just can't let 'let it go' go.

It's probably time to let the attitude go.
The trauma from the richness of hand waves in the past.