Friday, February 27, 2009

For fun!! For Fun!

I've applied for a lucky jackpot!

This job ain't looking like mine, but I just applied for fun.

the progress I've gone on was fun and like a lottery, it's fun to dream it.

It looks obvious that I was so in hurry during making this video.

Whatever.... I had fun and that's all I wanted!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I'm obsessed by beach!

Thesedays I've been at beach area quite often.
Although, I haven't taken many photos to prove it, I think I've been at several different places around 12 times in January only!

Don't know why. I just liked to talk to the sea and that was the biginning.
And then I had some people asked me to go together one by one and finally one of my friends became a black man. He's as dark as Chocolete now. ain't it good?

Melb is now hottest since 1908.
But it's quite windy every where.

Wind blows and makes wave. Wave comes to beach as if it wants to gobble up every single swimmer. I struggle with its effort and sea and I are having tough fun.

Tough fun. The joy of this life that I've been amuzed with.

The problem is,
this kind of fun is salty at the beach but it never taste like that simple in real life.