Saturday, November 21, 2009

Undisputed Identity.

'I'm one of you' attitude.

One of the sliest way to sneak in.

But there's certain things that you can't disguise like gender, height, weight, ethnic group and so on.(some become possible these days, tho.)

Above all identities I have, there's one thing that is firm in me. 'Christian'.

It's really easy name tag to have, but never allowed to everyone who insists themselves as Christian.

Holy human. ppl on God's side other than on worldly side.

That's Christian and what I do here will be a different life.

Yeah. that's it. I'm unashamed of God, whom I believe.

I am not unashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes!(Roman 1:16)

Han'man Diary.

It's bn a while since I wrote something here last time.
Sometimes exhausting daily life strangled me and kept me away from writing something,
and when sparkling thing happened, I felt just numb to move or write.

Nowadays I face the big deal that I've expected for 2 years.
To be able to continue studying till the end or to taste a bit and end it......
Either way is given, it will never change any thing in my mind.

But it's somehow not so delightful to go through the negative result which is most likely to be happen in respect of world's point of view.

Been sick for a while.

But I haven't had trouble with sickness since I was so busy thinking this in my head.
(Which is good in a respect, tho.)

I'd better wait for another hot day instead of sitting wishing the negative not happens.