Saturday, September 27, 2008

To feel sympathy for the ones who ain't got a purpose of life.

It's a song, named 'Dear Slim pt.2' by KJ 52.

He's a christian rapper and this song is dedicated to Eminem who is so into cursing others.

To feel sympathy for the others, to long to share the real happiness to the ppl who doen't know about it, and to tolerate all the misguided blaming and threatenings, are the duties what christians has to do.

Something hot is forming inside of me.
and I pray God for Eminem and the ppl like him not knowing the real life.

'a life with out Christ is still a life that is never fixed'

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Choice.(Hamstring strain)

I was dying for playing soccer.
and I finally could play a game but from right before the game begins, my right back thigh started pain me like it was stretched out over the maximum.

I could not enjoy the time and ruined my players' morale.

I wanted to play. I felt like it'd be okay after a while.
I kept playing. I denied the need of rest that my body claimed.

keep playin!! That was my choice. and the pain got worse and worse.
It was yesterday.

Today I reluctantly went to the city to do somethings.
I barely walked. I was walking like an handicapped.
And I am home now. My leg stimulates and pains me quite strongly.

This short story gives an moral which can be applied to everything.

When you choose (to do) something, there's always outcome from it and you have to be responsible for that.

Choice is one of the most blessing and scariest thing amongst all the taken for granted.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

To flavor your tasteless life with laughing.

Just to make the visitors feel refreshed,

I sacrificed. (feat. Keung from HK.)

We were human beings b4 we found out the function of the laptop camera.

My angular part to be trimmed.

A tall tree catches much wind.(It doesn't sound like the proverb I wanted to use...)

Hm.. I mean, to be a circle, the angular parts should be trimmed.

For the state of me blessing whoever treat me in anyway,
For the true smiling of me whatever happens to me,

It is mandatory to lay down my arrogant thought.
It is a must to have a wisdom which open the sight of the narrow way.

To be Han man, the one whenever remains in any heart,

this reckless and lonely race will last on and on and on.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Burst out what I had to do.

When the load of life burdens on my shoulder, it means i was lazy enough to stack the pile of toil.

amazingly stink scent of the turmoil goes on into my olfactory sense which urge me to dispose as i reluctantly do.

Already this chronical idleness encroach on me and agitate me as it has no space to heap up.

It is this short break from being somewhere between dowsiness and overwhelming amount of tasks, like now, when I unfortunately have speculation of myself.


I'd better smile this time. Because I have far more to go for fulfill this word count of essay and my eagerness of own purpose.

Wind blows slyly thru my open window as it's whisper of abandonment.