Thursday, January 2, 2014

becoming unique.

The value-driven attitude which desperately longed for the hope of having a companion who can share the true worth of the way.

A group of values I pursue is as precious as how much they are known.
They are often said big, deep, wise, strong and sometimes too much.
Once they are known, the novelty of them is far greater than anything on the earth.

Under the supreme truth of God,
this way towards God with the values I hold seems not so appealing to most of the people in this world.
Sometimes, I had to hide myself with such values in order to fit in the world, called society.
Now I am easily managing how to hide myself but serving what they want.

This solitude has always been with me ever since I started to think.
I was the only one around me who could see the things that are so important and basic.
I have allowed so many people to see what I can see but everyone just left me after they realise they cannot see them so precious as I see.

I am still standing the same and hold the values and thoughts I see.
The isolation that came from the value-driven life started granting me solitude.

Amongst the mundane and tasteless life thoughts, I am the only one who sees them and this awesomeness of view to them amazes me all the time.

I do wish to share them with someone who is really interested in them.
Cuz they are the most valuable ones I have.
From God, as the first, to the values that came out of my prolonged thoughts.
All of them are so great to have in this life.

Everyone is compromising and justifies themselves by explaining their own thoughts.
Everyone does have a feeling of certain degree of loneliness.
Everyone looks for something that will make them happy.
Everyone seeks to hold the thing that can shine themselves.

I do the same.  But I think I do have certain insights of them and I have certain answers to the questions of why.

This novel happiness is to be given away.
This sweet understanding of life is to be shared.
This easy way with a firm goal is to be accompanied.

But everyone is busy being themselves while there is only one answer to everything.

When no one wants to understand, my novel happiness become solely.
But this happiness never goes away.

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